Shravan Sud 8, Saturday 18 Aug 2018

Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur

Nilkanthvarni came to a town called Sirpur in Vans Desh. Vans Desh is now known as Bangladesh. It is ruled by the king called Siddhavallabadha. Being a kind hearted and religious king, he offered Siddhas food and a place to stay and many of them made a permanent home here. The king saw Nilkanthvarni as an ordinary Siddha and requested that He stay during the Monsoon season. Nilkanthvarni accepted this kind offer and stayed with the other Siddhas.

The monsoon season came and the heavy rain began to fall. Many Siddhas left looking for shelter but Nilkanthvarni remained and continued his Tapasya despite the rain and bitter cold. King Siddhavallabadha saw this and was greatly impressed by the level of His devotion to God and perseverance. The king became devoted to Nilkanthvarni and began to serve Him. Some Siddhas became very jealous upon seeing this and schemed up a plot to disrespect Nilkanthvarni. A Siddha named Gopaldas served Nilkanthvarni with great love and devotion and was always by His side. The Siddhas started persecuting Nilkanthvarni and Gopaldas who bore the brunt of this persecution. Gopaldas became unconscious. The king asked the Siddhas to revive Gopaldas but they replied, "You honour Nilkanthvarni more than us, ask Him to revive him." Nilkanthvarni approached the unconscious Gopaldas and whispered an eight syllable mantra in his ear, 'Shri Krishna Tvam Gatir Mama.' Miraculously, Gopaldas regained consciousness, but simultaneously the jealous Siddhas fell down unconscious to the ground. The king asked the other Siddhas to revive them but even after much effort, they failed. If these Siddhas died in the king's territory, it would blot his reign. He therefore begged Nilkanthvarni to help Him. Nilkanthvarni said, "You must forget all other things happening around you and concentrate your energy in pleasing Bhagwan." The Siddhas became true devotees.