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Shree Swaminarayan Temple Dholera

Dholara, Dhandhuka

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Recent Dholera is known as Dholpur before 3-4 centuries ago. There were only 200-300 people used to live there. It was having pollution less and very natural environment surrounded by 7-8 lakes. Recently there are few ancient temples over Dharma Kund including Swaminarayan Temple.

When Lord Swaminarayan had built this temple at that time Dholera was very busy commercial port having trading business with more than 20 countries. A population was about 20,000 people. When Britisher came, they further developed this port. Another attraction is "Patadiyo". When Britisher started to dig 700 ft. deep well to get metals from land , a hot water came out from it. A that time people used that water for cooking. But it is also well known truth that this water is a source to resolve skin problems. Recently population of Dholera is 4000 people approximately. Gujarat Government has taken some rigid decision to develop this port again is really appreciable task for this region.

Establishment of the Temple
Dholera Dham means a most lovable place of Shri Hari. Shriji Maharaj came to Dholera when King of Dholera Shri Punjabha and his sisters Anjuba, Fuliba heartily requested him. It was a grand welcome of Shriji Maharaj. Every person of Dholera was engaged to welcome a king of king "Shriji Maharaj". When Shriji Maharaj stepped in such wondrous land then "Dholera Gam" became "Dholera Dham".

Pran Pratishtha of Madanmohanji Maharaj
On Chaitra Sud - 2, Shriji Maharaj came to Kamiyala from Ahmedabad. At that time Dadbha, Maanbha, Punjabha and Shri Nishkudanand Swami, Shri Adbhutanand Swami came for their darshan. Shriji Maharaj stayed in Kamiyala since Purnima. At that time Punjabha and Shri Nishkudanand Swami requested him to come to Dholera for Pratishtha.Shriji Maharaj accepted his request and came to Dholera to fulfill all wished of his devotees. Shri Narayan Joshi was called for deciding appropriate Muhurt for Pratishtha. A muhurt time was Vaisakh Sud - 13 , Friday, Sanvat 1882 , Date 19-05-1826. Since that date Shrji Maharaj stayed in Dholera.

Shriji Maharaj ordered to bring a idol of Shri Madanmohanji Maharaj which was in Gadhapur. Then after Shriji Maharaj himself wrote letters to his devotees to join Pratishtha Ceremony of Shri Madanmohanji Maharaj. Millions of people came to Pratishta Mahotsav while getting an invitation from Shriji Maharaj.

When Brahmin of Umreth, Bhadiyad, Rojka, Panchham, Gaanph and Dholera did pratishtha, at that time Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Lord Suryanarayan and Lord Hanumaji appeared there.Shriji Maharaj himself taken an idol of Madanmohanji Maharaj into his bath and place it to Sinhashan. At time of Aarti Shri Hari told that this idol could infatuate Lord Kamdev (madan) himself. Shri Hari also told that in Madanmohanji Maharaj I stay forever so each and every devotee who worship Shri Madanmohanji will remain prosperous for a life.

Shri Madanmohan Maharaj Na Parcha
Till the date Shri Madanmohan Maharaj remain alive over Dholera Temple. Here is one incident.Before 40 years, Shri Mayatitanandaji was a main priest (pujari) of a temple. That day was very cold days. One day, a blanket was moved out from Madanmohan Maharaj. The same night Shri Madanmohan Maharaj came to his dream and told him that you slept here and I felt cold there. When Shri Mayatitanandaji opened a temple and checked , he found that it was a fact.

Once one of Shri Mayatitanandaji's shishya served a hot "KADHI" to Madanmohan Maharaj. At that time again Shri Madanmohan Maharaj appeared into Shri Mayatitanandaji's dream and clearly told him to inform his shishya not to server hot Kadhi to him. There are real miracles happened to Shri Mayatitanandaji.

Once there was an annual Patotashva of Dholera. There was a crucial shortage of water, at that time Shri Madanmohan Maharaj blessed people by making water of a well near Lord Shiva temple.