Shravan Sud 11, Tuesday 21 Aug 2018

Sprucing Up Our Mandir Shikhars

Recently a group of very enthusiastic young members of Cardiff Mandir Yuvak Mandal undertook a project where by all the Mandir's front, all the Shikhars, the domes were cleaned and all the Kalashs on the Shikhars were painted gold. The work was done by hiring a very tall cherry picker (crane) which was able to reach the Kalash of the tallest Shikhar.

The whole of the Mandir's appearance has been improved a great deal and the shiny Kalashs on all the Shikhars are a sight to behold. The Mandir is already a landmark building in Cardiff and now it is even more so.

Do take a good look whenever you are pass by the Mandir and better if you are able to come for Darshan.