Shravan Sud 7, Friday 17 Aug 2018

Guru Poornima

Guru - Teacher
Purnima - 15th day

Ashadh Sud 15

This day celebrates the remembrance of ones Guru. In life you can have numerous gurus ranging from mother and father to school teachers, but here we must think of our spiritual Guru, namely our Dharma Guru, the present Acharya. The true Guru is equated with God and is the true link between the individual and the immortal. The first Guru of the Hindu Dharma is said to be Sage Ved Vyas, who translated the Vedas, wrote the 18 Purans and the Mahabharat.

On this day all deciples offer their Puja to their Gurus in order to get their blessings.

The qualities of a good Guru are:

One who removes spiritual ignorance
One who imparts true knowledge
One who shows the true path to God realization

Our Acharya displays all of these qualities and many more. On this day Satsangi's would offer pujan and Aarti to our Acharya if present, otherwise this is offered to Lord Swaminarayan.