Ashadh Vad 12, 23/07/2014

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26/07/2014 | Swaminarayan League Cup | With the blessings of Bhuj Santos, Cardiff Mandir will be organising this year's Swaminarayan League Cup which aims to bring together and further enhance our ties as satsangis within the sampraday. The event will take place at the Cardiff International Sports Stadium on Saturday 26th July 2014 | More info | Read more

22/08/2014 | Swaminarayan Camp - The Good Life | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff and Shree K. S Swaminarayan Temple Woolwich, present The Good Life, Bristol Camp 2014. Register NOW for what promises to be an epic event jam-packed full of fun, satsang, excitement and inspiration! | More info | Read more

This month | Hindola Utsav | This festival marks numerous occasions where Lord Swaminarayan was placed on a swing and rocked to fro for the pleasure of the Satsangis. There are two prominent stories. Once when Lord Swaminarayan was staying in Vadtal, a decorative swing was tied between two mango trees. Satsangi's rocked | Read more

26/07/2014 | Darsh Amavaasya |

28/07/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Oldham - Patotsav Celebrations | This year Shree Swaminarayan Temple Oldham celebrates its 37th Anniversary. The event will be graced by learned Saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj, who will recite the holy Shreemad Satsangi Jivan and Vachnamrut Saptah Parayan. Katha commences on Monday | More info | Read more

07/08/2014 | Pavitra Ekadashi |

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Cardiff Darshan - 23-07-2014

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13/06/2014 | Jal Yatra
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Jal Yatra on Friday 13th June 2014. Pictures »


13/06/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur - Kesar Snaan Abhishek
Kesar Snaan of NarNarayan Dev was performed by H.H Acharya Maharajshri Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj at Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur, Ahmedabad on Friday 13th June 2014. Pictures »


21/05/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Bhuvan Indore - Murti Pratistha
With the Blessings of Shreeji Maharaj, HH Acharya Maharajshree and Pujya Mahant Swami, Shree Swaminarayan Satsang Bhuvan Indore celebrated the Murti Prathista of our Lord and the opening of the Vishranti Bhuvan from 21st to 25th May 2014 Pictures »


15/05/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj (Prashadi) - 4th Patotsav Celebrations
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj (Prashadi) celebrated it 4th Patotsav celebrations from Thursday 15th May to Monday 19th May 2014. Pictures »


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Shikshapatri Shlock 166

They shall not receive lessons of any kind from males who are not their nearest relatives and shall control their bodies an senses by frequent observances of various Vratas and fasts.

અને તે વિધવા સ્‍ત્રીઓ તેમણે પોતાના સમીપ સંબંધ વિનાના જે પુરુષ તે થકી કોઇપણ વિદ્યા ન ભણવી અને વ્રત ઉપવાસે કરીને વારંવાર પોતાના દેહનું દમન કરવું.

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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanumanji was born to Anjani, the wife of Kesari Vanar the king of the monkeys. The birth of Hanumaji happened as result of a number of divine events. Longing for a son Anjani performed penance to please Lord Shiva. Read More »


Ramkrushna Govind Jay Jay Govind, Hare Rama Govind Jay Jay Govind, Narayan Hare Shrimannarayan Hare, Shrimannarayan Hare, Shrimannarayan Hare, Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev Hare, Jay Jay Krushnadev hare Read More »

Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur

Nilkanthvarni Tests the Devotion of the Siddhas of Sirpur

Nilkanthvarni came to a town called Sirpur in Vans Desh. Vans Desh is now known as Bangladesh. It is ruled by the king called Siddhavallabadha. Being a kind hearted and religious king, he offered Siddhas food and a place to stay and many of them made a permanent home Read More »

Shree Hari Antardhyan Leela

Shree Hari Antardhyan Leela

It was the summer of the Vikrama Era 1886. Shriji Maharaj fell sick. He was completely reduced physically. At that time, Shriji Maharaj got all his followers, saints and Sadhus seated before him and addressed them Read More »


In Northern Gujarat's village of Dangarva there lived a pious faithful devotee of Maharaj by the name of Jatanba. Her father's name was Venibhai. She was very great - a Maha Mukta, at whose command it would even rain if Read More »