Magsar Vad 13, 20/12/2014

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This week | Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute Opening Celebration | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj invites you to be part of the opening ceremony of the Shree Sahajanand Girls Institute. The event will be graced by the Ahmedabad Gadi Acharya, Maharajshri Shree Kaushalendraprasdadji and learned saints from Bhuj. This Institution will allow us to follow and ultimately | Watch LIVE | Read more

This week | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Nairobi (EASST) - Patotsav Celebrations | This year East Africa Satsang Swaminarayan Temple Nairobi celebrates its 15th Anniversary. The event will be graced by learned Saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj | Watch LIVE | Read more

This month | Dhanurmaas | Dhanurmaas is also called Shoonya (nothing) Maas because during this month it is considered inauspicious to arrange marriages or other such functions. Only Godly functions and devotional activities should be arranged during this month as rewards for such activities are far greater than during other times. During this Maas the sun transits through Dhanur Rashi so the month is called | Read more

24/12/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur, Ahmedabad - Shree NarNarayan Dev Mahotsav | Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur, Ahemdabad will be celebrating NarNarayan Dev Mahotsav from Wednesday 24th December to Sunday 28th December 2014 | More info | Read more

26/12/2014 | Shree K.S. Swaminarayan Temple Harrow - Patotsav Celebrations | Shree K.S Swaminarayan Temple Harrow celebrates its 18th Patotsav celebrations. The event will be graced by learned Saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj, who will recite Ghanshyam Leelamrut Sagar | More info | Read more

29/12/2014 | Shree Swaminarayan Vidhyalay - Golden Jubilee Celebrations (1963-2013) | Shree Swaminarayan Vidhyalay Bhuj will be celebrating their 50th anniversary from Monday 29th December to Wednesday 31st December 2014. The event will be graced by His Holiness Acharya Shree Kaushlendraprasadji Maharaj and learned saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj. | More info | Read more

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Cardiff Darshan - 20-12-2014

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26/11/2014 | Vachnamrut Jayanti
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Vachnamrut Jayanti on Tuesday 26th November 2014 Read more | Pictures »


09/11/2014 | Remembrance Day
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff attended the Remeberance Day which was held on Sunday 9th November 2014 Pictures »


06/11/2014 | Tulsi Vivah
Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff celebrated Tulsi Vivah on Thursday 6th November 2014 Read more | Pictures »


29/10/2014 | World Stroke Day
Hindu Council of Wales hosted a free health check on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff. Pictures »


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Shikshapatri Shlock 48

My followers shall not adopt rules of exigency prescribed in Shastras as ordinary routine ones when the exigency is light.

અને અમારા આશ્રિત જે મનુષ્‍ય તેમણે શાસ્‍ત્રે કહ્યો જે આપદધર્મ તે અલ્‍પ આપતકાળને વિષે મુખયપણે કરીને કયારેય ગ્રહણ ન કરવો.

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Featured articles

Brahmanand Swami - Kavi Raj

Brahmanand Swami - Kavi Raj

Ladudanji started studying at the age of seven by Pandit Shiv Shankar Upadhyaya. His parents decided to send their son to Bhuj for further studies as Bhuj was recognised for its education. The parents were worried how to send him as he was too young to go alone. Ladudanji Read More »

Tilak Chandlo

Tilak Chandlo

The chandlo (dot) worn on the forehead is a sign that one is a Hindu. It is called the bindi in the Hindi language. In olden days, all Hindu men and women wore these marks. When worn by men it is usually called the tilak/chandlo Read More »

Vandu Sahajanand

Vandu Sahajanand Rasroop, Anupam Saarne Re Lola; I bow to Lord Sahajanand, who has an exquisite appearance, and is the unique essence of everything. Jene Bhajta Choote Fand, Kare Bhav Paarne Re Lola ...1 By worshipping him one is (does become) liberated from the worldly trap and overcomes the cycle of birth and death. Read More »

History of our Temple

History of our Temple

For those who are not aware of the history of United Kingdom or U.K. as it is popularly known, the country is made up of four kingdoms which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Just as the City of London is Capital of England, the City of Cardiff is the Capital of Wales and is situated 240 Kilometres West of London. Cardiff is a port city on the North coastline of Bristol Channel and has a population of more than three hundred thousand. Read More »



Navratri starts on Aso Sud Padvo. It lasts for 9 days which are meant for the worship of Shaktimaa (Parvati Devi). Tried of the harassment from Demon Mahishasoor, the Devtas requested Bhrahma, Vishnu and Shivji (Tridevs) Read More »